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Diane Garwood, HTACP

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Diane Garwood

Diane Garwood has had a deep love and a sixth sense for animals her entire life. Always excited by the serendipitous events that seemed to occur around animals, it was not until after an animal communicator talked to her daughter’s pony did she realize that “energy” was behind her connection. That experience led her to wonder what it would be like to communicate with animals herself!

Her first animal communication workshop, taught by renowned animal communicator and author Joan Ranquet, set Diane on a decidedly serendipitous path. Finding the experience a lot of fun, she signed up for any and all workshops that Joan taught in the area. Over the years, Diane became more and more confident in her ability to communicate with all sorts of animals - from dogs and cats to horses and even Timber Wolves and a Norwegian Lynx. She graduated with a certificate in Animal Communication from Joan Ranquet’s Communication With all Life University in 2009. Diane celebrated with a large, well-attended event at a local bookstore highlighting animal communication and benefitting Homeward Pets, a Seattle-area no-kill rescue and adoption organization.

In early 2009, Diane watched Energy Healing actually save and heal her beloved Belgian Tervuren, Ryker, from the tragic and painful effects of liver failure due to Hepato-Cutaneous Syndrome. She decided to become a healer herself, studying Healing Touch® with Keela Marshall and Barb Dahl with the Healing Touch Program® and Healing Touch for Animals® with Carol Komitor and the HTA program Carol developed. Both human and animal Healing Touch® protocols are holistic energy therapies that can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies. The goal of HT and HTA is to restore harmony and balance to the body’s energy system by creating an optimal environment in which the body can heal itself. She has also studied Qi Gung and Crystal Chakra healing, and is embarking on an aromatherapy certification program.

Diane volunteers at a local greyhound rescue and at Northwest Equine Stewardship Center (NWESC) where she performs Healing Touch for Animals® on the sweet and sensitive dogs, horses, calf and goats that have been rescued and are in need of rehabilitation in order to be adopted into their forever homes. She is gratified by the improvement in their physical and emotional health that her work provides.

Diane continues to do Animal Communication Readings, Healing Touch® and Healing Touch for Animals® on a wide variety of clients, both human and animal, in her private practice. She works with lost animals, animals that are crossing over or have already crossed over, animals with health and/or behavioral issues, and wellness sessions to promote and keep good health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually/instinctually.

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