Spirit Touch Healing

Diane Garwood, HTACP

Healing Touch for Animals®


Like humans, animals can experience compromises in the healthy flow of energy. Whether an animal is seemingly healthy or recovering from illness, injury or surgery, the use of Healing Touch®, in conjunction with other modalities, does a great deal to facilitate the healing process. By inducing deep relaxation, Healing Touch for Animals® stimulates an animal’s circulation, allowing more oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to flow through the body. Once the harmony and balance in an animal’s energy system is restored, the animal can begin to self-heal.

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is a healing method in which the practitioner uses her hands to clear, connect to and balance the energy field around an animal's body so that relaxation and healing can take place. Diane uses the same gentle (or non) touch and heart-centered intention, for your animal companion that she uses for people, to stabilize their energy field, which then helps to regulate their immune system, and thus encourages the healing process - physically, emotionally, mentally and instinctually - to begin.

In the HTA process, the animal relaxes, allowing endorphins to be released, muscles to relax, circulation to be increased, hormones to be regulated, toxins to be released and the immune system to be regulated – all these factors help to create healing.

Benefits may include:

• Vaccination support
• Wound & fracture healing
• Pain control
• Reduction of anxiety and trauma
• Pre-and post-surgical support
• Improved behavior and increased well being
• Reduction of skin problems
• Support through cancer
• Easing of arthritis
• Boosting of immune system
• Support at the time of euthanasia

NOTE: HTA® techniques are designed to enhance the healing process, and do not replace traditional veterinary medicine or veterinary healthcare.

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