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Diane Garwood, HTACP


Diane receiving her HTA pinI am writing this letter on behalf of Diane Garwood, Healing Touch for Animals practitioner. I am a holistic equine veterinarian at Cedarbrook Veterinary Care and Northwest Equine Stewardship Center in Snohomish, Washington where I run a veterinary clinic and rehabilitation center for horses.

I have had the pleasure of working with Diane on multiple cases over the past year as she has volunteered countless hours of her time practicing Healing Touch for Animals at my facility during her training course. Diane is a strong and vibrant woman, full of love and compassion. She is a once in a lifetime type of healer to meet; healing energy work just comes naturally to her. From the start, she was making healing changes within her patients, and her skills and ability continued to grow with her course work. Watching her heal the patients in my care has truly been a gift. Diane has become an integral part of our healing team.

Diane’s presence for surgical procedures has also been profound. Having her there to ‘hold the space’ allows me to focus on the surgery and feel confident that things will go smoothly. When Diane clears the space before we start the procedure, I feel it inside and out. It’s like hitting the reset button and I feel open, balanced, and ready to do my best work possible. The patients are calmer and at ease with the procedure when Diane is there. It has also been a moving experience for the other humans involved (assistants, clients, etc) and has opened the door of receptivity to energy work of bystanders on multiple occasions.

I highly recommend Diane and the Healing Touch for Animals energy work that she does. Animals love her and their improvement after treatment as well as relaxation and releases (licking and chewing, yawning, sighs, etc.) during treatment make it evident that they are responding to her work. She is a gifted healer and a pleasure to work with and as a veterinarian I value her work greatly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Diane’s work.

~Dr. Hannah Mueller - Cedarbrook Veterinary Care

What can I say about Diane that isn’t just glowing? The answer to that is easy…NOTHING! Diane is wonderful. She has worked on my horse, has worked on me personally, and I am fortunate enough to experience her kindness and the difference she makes at Northwest Equine Stewardship Center, not only supporting and helping the rescue horses to heal, but also our volunteers!

Diane is there and will continue to be there for the horses, dogs, cats, people and the list goes on and on! I am so very grateful to have met Diane and for her to be a continued part of my life. I know that I, my friends and my animal companions are better for it!

~ Jennifer W.

I sought the help of Diane for my cat Tivoli who was begging so persistently that she was becoming a considerable source of stress for me, and for the first time in 8 years, I was wondering if I should find a better home for her. But thanks to Diane's work, I learned that she believed that she was "a mountain lion in a kitty body". I've also always considered Tivoli rather clueless when it comes to communication, both with humans and other cats. She's never had much confidence in her own lovability, and her affection had elements of aggressiveness and anger - as if she was demanding attention. Diane's work using Healing Touch for Animals has made Tivoli an entirely different animal. She is now a love machine, but the energy is not demanding, but much more affectionate and gentle, as if she was saying more simply, "I love you and I am a loving cat". This transformation has occurred over just 3 sessions - and is absolutely miraculous! I cannot thank you enough Diane!

~ Tina H.

Diane working at GPICurrently at GPI (Greyhound Pets, Inc.) we have two very shy sister Greyhounds - BB and Jane, who are extremely timid and will only, with great hesitation, approach volunteers whom they know. They are terrified of men. Imagine my surprise when one day at turnout in the yard, BB actually went up to a male volunteer to be petted. This had never happened before! I immediately told Rita about it, and that’s when I found out that Diane had given both shy sisters a Healing Touch for Animals treatment the previous day!

Another evening, I was in their run, sitting on their bedding and stroking and petting them, when another volunteer saw me, and came in to join us. I was stunned that BB, who has rarely seen this person, stood by her to be petted. After a while BB laid down beside her for more petting, and then she was so relaxed she even allowed her tummy to be rubbed. I was absolutely stunned, and that was - again - after Diane had given both the Shy Sisters a Healing Touch for Animals treatment. These two dogs, just after two or three session, have become so much more friendly, much more relaxed and are much happier.

Thank you, Diane, for a great job in helping put these pups on the road to a better life. Watching you work on them, and on our other dogs, I can visibly see them relax under your kind, healing touch.

~ Angie K.

November 2011, Diane Garwood, with Healing Touch for Animals, offered to volunteer at Greyhound Pets, Inc. Some of our dogs are shy, some have anxiety and some have been waiting patiently for their person. Diane wanted to help and I had the pleasure of meeting Diane in December after completing a couple of treatment sessions.

Her warm personality and love of animals is what you notice first. She was eager to help each dog we brought to her. The progress was exciting to watch for each dog. It is evident the dogs enjoy their treatment and time with Diane. To those us that interact with “the 2 shy sisters” on a regular basis, the change in their behavior has been dramatic. Diane has most certainly made a difference in their lives. Several of the other dogs became calmer and happier after Diane’s treatments. They soon found their forever homes!

Diane is a caring person with passion and love in her heart. Her work to heal animals is a true inspiration. A lovely lady and I hope we are always in touch.

~ Chris N.

HudsonWhen I stopped by Greyhound Pets, Inc. to check out the Howliday Bazaar, I was asked if I could take a dog to the house for a Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) session. I was handed a pamphlet which said that HTA is a holistic approach using energy medicine and intention to influence the health and well-being of animals. It applied specific techniques to help animals with health issues, behavioral concerns and emotional issues. I like a good laugh as much as the next person so I took Blondie and my friend Donna took BB expecting..... well, nothing.

Diane did an initial assessment on the dogs to determine what energy centers needed opening, then did hands-on work over these energy centers. The first two dogs came in shaking uncontrollably and looking for a place to hide. After awhile I noticed that the shaking had stopped and they seemed more relaxed, hmmmmm I thought, maybe they are just enjoying the attention.

After the session I took Blondie back to her run, and it was the first time she went in willingly and did not try to nip me as she always did. I worked the next morning and there was not the usual lake of drool at the front of her kennel! The next day we received an email from a volunteer, who said that the night we did HTA, two of the dogs, that would not even let people touch them, were not only letting people touch them, they were rolling on their backs! Needless to say, I became a believer.

Diane volunteered to come in once a week and work on the dogs. The comments kept coming about how the dogs had changed and seemed much happier. I should also note here that two of the dogs were adopted shortly after we started!

We are so fortunate to have found Diane, and her volunteering her time to help the Greyhounds is a blessing.

~ Rita J.

Diane did a great job communicating with my animals, picking out their personalities and the things that they like and don’t like. She communicated with 6 of my goats and 3 of my cats. I never told her what personalities they all had or what they liked but she was correct with all of them.

Having worked with Diane I have tried some communicating of my own with some success. Thanks to Diane I can change some of the things I have been doing and focus on things that my animals love.

~ Sara R.

Diane has been a long time friend and I was excited to hear she was doing animal readings when I purchased my first dog, Nellie, from a local shelter. Nellie became very ill about two days after I brought her home and spent an enormous amount of time in doggy-ICU prior to us even having a chance to bond.

Diane got to read Nellie a while after she had been back home recouping and keyed in on Nellie telling her that she knew how much I was there for her during her illness. I called constantly to make sure my girl was okay when she was stuck in the hospital and I visited her daily, though I was forced to stay on the outside of the building and just wave at her through the window.

My Nellie comes from a confusing background but she loves me with all the adoration that Diane expressed. I love knowing that I have that connection to my dog, especially since that time for her must have been absolutely confusing and terrifying. I’m so glad she knew I was there for her, and always will be!

~ Emmy D.

About a year ago, I was having difficulty with my cat. I have had her for about 6 years and adopted her from the shelter. She is part Siamese, so naturally she is very talkative and she only likes, and is nice, to me. She is also very territorial and possessive of me.

I used to let her outdoors, and she used to cry and cry to go out, so I would let her out, then she would come back and cry to be let in, when I would open the door, she would run away. I would get so frustrated. Needless to say we weren’t getting along, and I was actually considering finding a different home for her. So, I had Diane Garwood communicate with my cat.

She said that my cat told her she didn’t want to leave unless I came with her, because I am her best friend, she also said that when she runs away after I open the door it’s a game. I don’t let her outside anymore and she doesn’t cry to go out. We get along much better now, and I believe she is much happier, as am I.

~ Allison F.

Diane Garwood’s approach to animal communication seems almost matter-of-fact, but her attention to the work is not.

Diane’s reading of my African Grey Parrot, Shakespeare, had the both of us in stitches, and it was right on-the-money. My follow-up questions were answered thoughtfully, and without judgment. In addition, I received important insights into Shakespeare’s behavioral, uh, quirks.

Thank you, Diane!

~ Susan M.

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