Spirit Touch Healing

Diane Garwood, HTACP

Your Session

Diane with two happy clients

Diane always begins her HTA sessions by first discussing the animal with their owner, then making contact with the animal to portray to them what she is intending and that she is there to help.

She then starts her assessment, checking the person or animal’s Chakras and Hara Line before deciding on the techniques that she’s going to use.

A typical session can take 45 – 90 minutes. It all depends on the person or animal, what they need and how they are doing with the session.

When Diane concludes the session she does a reassessment to verify that the energy field is clear and balanced.

With Healing Touch® sessions, Diane initially sits with her client and goes through a complete health history, discussing any reason thought to be causing possible problems in the person's life/health, and then developing a plan to replace those problems with healing.

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